About Landa Izms


Landa Izms brand was inspired by Yolanda’s  inability to find modest clothing that was not frumpy after my husband and I went into ministry. Landa Izms women know what they like and understands that her wardrobe is a reflection of her spiritual strength. She does not ride the wave, she is the wave.

Yolanda Hunter is the brainchild behind the Landa Izms brand. Her “IZMS” are the things that she likes and have personally curated with her sophisticated sense of style. Yolanda loves the bold of women’s fashion and mixed her modest point of view, she has created a brand that is sassy, and classy.

Landa Izms has a heart for individuals recovering from substance abuse. In recovery herself, Yolanda donates a percentage off all sales to Recovery House of Worship York because it’s not just about fashion, it’s about helping people through fashion.